Great Reads

Maintaining Executive Presence in a Digital World

Working remotely a little more often these days? If your ability to drive organizational performance is tied to leadership attributes like building trust, demonstrating credibility or influencing others, then your ability to “command the room” or convey your executive presence through your digital device requires extra care. Use your time on video calls wisely! Download the Tip Sheet

Brave Leaders: Finding the Guts to Make Meaningful & Lasting Change

Courage is a skill that when strategically cultivated helps everyone become the ultimate change agent—for the good of your team, your organization and for society. In this book, you’ll be inspired by 17 leaders from around the world who share their stories of bravery, which demonstrate that profound transformation comes more often from small steps than extreme action. In the Cultivating Bravery section, readers convert insights to action steps. (Margareta Barchan and Jeanne Westervelt Rice, Advantage 2019) Buy the Book!

Breaking Bad: Why Good Empoyees Choose Wrong & What Companies Can Do About It

Despite our best efforts to create and communicate corporate values, codes and regulations that ensure good business, misconduct happens. Here, the authors, Jeanne Westervelt Rice and Margareta Barchan, share insights from a survey of more than 200 clients from around the world about reasons for noncompliance, and offer some tools for building a culture of integrity. Download the White Paper

Reflective Writing in Business: A Model for Leadership Development

Reflection has been identified as a core competency for highly effective leaders and this white paper explores, through several mini cases, reasons for self-reflection and easy-to-implement strategies for building reflection into the daily practice of emerging leaders. Download the White Paper